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Application Process
This is a moderated community and all membership must be approved. To request membership, simply click on Join and wait for your approval

AttentionRemember this is a writing community, not just a role-playing community


• On your character's lj profile, please add this information:



Muse Name:

If your character will be responding with a post that contains themes or language that might be objectionable, please place something like this as your cutline. ex. "Content Warning: Adult themes or language"

If a post on the journal does not contain a cutline with a warning and has themes that maybe objectionable, the mun will be asked to either place the cutline with content warning or remove the post.

• We prefer that prompt responses be at least 50 words. All responses above 250 words should be placed behind a cut line. It would be appreciated if all sexual content be placed under a livejournal cut with a warning stating the fact.

• Please make your first response an introduction of your character; after that you are free to respond to any prompt that inspires your pup. There is no time limit for a response and no pup will be removed for not responding.

Role playing - As some writers prefer not to role-play, we ask that each person make it clear in their pup's introduction whether or not their pup is available to role-play (also include this information on your pup's journal profile). Remember role playing is not moderated.

• Please include the appropriate disclaimer, filled in with your character's information on your pup's profile:

Fictional Character Disclaimer

This journal is part of a fic writing community. I do not own the character of (insert character name) and am making no profit from this journal. The character of (insert character name) is owned by and is the property of (insert creator/author/network/studio/etc.). No harm or copy write infringement is intended.

Real Person Disclaimer

This journal is part of a fic writing community and is in no way associated with (insert real person's name). I make no money from this and intend no ill will towards (insert real person's name). No harm or slander is intended.

Original Character Disclaimer

This journal is part of a fic writing community. The character represented is the sole intellectual property of the author and is not to be used by anyone without the author's express written consent.

Icon or Image Disclaimer
(Please include the following if your icons are of a real person or of artwork belonging to someone other than yourself.)

The person (or artwork) used in the icons is not the property of the author and no infringement of rights is intended.

• We welcome fandom based original characters and multiple character journals

• You are welcome to run as many characters as you can maintain.

No Drama in community post or fen community posts . Anyone caught breaking this rule will be removed. We are all writers here and should be able to behave ourselves and treat our fellow writers with the respect they deserve.

• As a courtesy to your readers, please do not use chatspeak in prompt responses. We aren't going to be grammar queens, but try to check your spelling and word usage. Poor technique makes for bored readers.